Changsha Fengying Camp Room
The Changsha Fengying Camp Room Project is located in Xiangshanchong Village, Xiapupu Town, Ningxiang City, Changsha City, Hunan Province. It consists of 4 sets of small rooms and is designed and renovated on the basis of standard containers. The project was officially launched on March 12.

The project is completed on time in such a compact construction cycle, which depends on the dedication of relevant departments and production staff;In the production process, air conditioning, water heater and other equipment are purchased centrally, and cooperate with well-known suppliers such as Sanxiong Aurora Lighting to ensure product quality.

There are 20 boxes in this project, with a large number, which are shipped five times (April 3, 8, 14, 18 and 22).

The installation of the project is simple, and one welder, one water and electricity worker and one woodworker are arranged, which can fully meet the construction needs of the site.

Let's take a look at the effect after the installation is complete!

Groups of container rooms stand on the hillside, like courtyard villas, fashionable and elegant.

Interior decoration is simple and comfortable!

On April 30, the project was successfully completed under the one-stop service of design, production and installation of MiG cabin, and formally entered the operation stage, and then we will do our best to provide perfect after-sales service to ensure 100% product quality.
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Changsha Fengying Camp Room
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